Tobago’s location made it an important point of connection between the Kalinago of the Lesser Antilles and their Kalina allies and trading partners in the Guianas and Venezuela. In the 1630s Tobago was inhabited by the Kalina, while the neighbouring island of Grenada was shared by the Kalina and Kalinago.

Tobago has a land area of 300 km²[3] and is approximately 40 kilometres (25 miles) long and 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) wide. It is located at latitude 11° 15′ N, longitude 60° 40′ W, slightly north of Trinidad.

Tobago was named Belaforme by Christopher Columbus “because from a distance it seemed beautiful”.

Coco Reef Resort & Spa is situated on the beautiful south-western coast of Tobago in the town of Crown Point. It is a short drive from Crown Point International Airport (five minutes) and five miles from the capital city, Scarborough.

For those vacationers seeking a Caribbean Resort that includes wonderful beaches, an array of comprehensive sporting facilities, exciting food and a luxurious Spa, in a relaxed and service-oriented environment, the Coco Reef Resort & Spa provides the perfect solution.

Positioned ideally between two of Tobago’s most magnificent beaches; to the West, Store Bay and to the East, the world famous Pigeon Point, the hotel overlooks its own white sand Coconut Beach.